Tony Boloney’s | Hailing From Atlantic City | Hoboken | Pizza | Subs | Grub

Tony Boloney’s hailing from Atlantic City, NJ , but for how long?

Hey , ya gotta know.  Went by Tony Boloneys Pizza, Subs , and Grub place at300 Oriental Ave., Atlantic City, NJ  .  Reluctantly, buy Daylight hours only.

Unbelievable, actually believable, the Pizza and Sub place was closed and boarded up.  I gotta say, in absolutely deplorable condition.

No home improvement guy here, but not blind either.  Ya gotta know, expand the picture , boarded up front door with scrap plywood and a blue tarp.  Ewwwwwww.  Broken down and dilapidated planter and weeds growing rampantly everywhere. No maintenance here where you  can see.  OK, the real question is what’s the condition and cleanliness of kitchen that you do not see?

Then ya got broken windows on the second floor.  Not to mention the boarded up and metal grated windows of second floor.  Very high crime area here.  Beware numerous murders in neighborhood recently.

Well heck , why not?  Neighborhood is hundreds, if not thousands, of vacant lots and empty buildings occupied illegally by squatters and vagrants, all contributing to the crime in the area.

In addition to management and maintenance issues, there is an active   Boycott of Tony Boloneys in Atlantic City and Hoboken, NJ .  And you all know that I fully support the Boycott.   See previous posts as to why.

Without regard for the Boycott, just considering the deplorable condition of the Atlantic City pizza and sub joint it appears that Tony Boloneys could be another casualty of Atlantic City, NJ   But, oh yeah, in this case it would be due to their own demise.

Needless to say, but I will.  I will not be eating at Tony Boloneys in Atlantic City or Hoboken , NJ .

BOYCOTT TONY BOLONEY’S .  Oh yes indeed!!!

Read more about the boycott of Tony Boloney’s  at

Read more about Elder Abuse by Gregory Hauke at


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Tony Boloneys | Taco Pizza | Taco Tuesday | Atlantic City | Hoboken | Stevens Students | BOYCOTT |

Yo check it out… Tony Boloneys Pizzeria at 300 Oriental Ave., Atlantic City and 263 First St., Hoboken, NJ is being BOYCOTTED.   Organizers say IF YOU LOVE YOUR MOM, GRANDMOM, GREAT GRANDMOM YOU MUST BOYCOTT TONY BOLONEY’S PIZZERIA AND SUBS SHOP …

I checked it out a

Check it out yourself.  It’s disgusting and will make you want to puke.

I want everyone to stop domestic violence and absolutely prevent Elder Abuse

What Gregory Hauke did to his mother , her siblings, her children, her grandchildren and her great grand children is appalling 

Hey , ya know,  I gotta say this is about the lowest of the low.  It’s unbelievable how low people can go.  I know , I’ve met a lot of people.

Plz , share this with you social network.

Thanks and peace and love…

Paul D Jersey Shore

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Support Tony Boloneys , Atlantic City, Boycott…

Hey, ya know I’m not a boycott kinda guy. But , after reading how badly Tony Boloney co founder Gregory Hauke mistreated his own mother , and then read on the Atlantic City Food Guide Facebook page about thousands of dollars misappropriated by Tony Boloneys, Gregory Hauke and Michael Hauke to pay pesonal and business expenses of Tony Boloneys  htttps://  I now fully support the BOYCOTT of Tony Boloneys.

Helen and Rudolph Hauke dining at Tony Boloneys not knowing that when they passed their Estates would be ravaged by Gregory Hauke, disgraced removed executor, and Michael Hauke, his son, and Tony Boloneys Pizza.


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Oh yeah or maybe should be no yeah – Just read blog that Atlantic City Pizzeria Tony Boloney’s and owner Mike Hauke did not pay winners their promised prizes at the Pizza Slaughterfest. Shamefull and to think that this site … Continue reading

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Tony Boloney’s | Indigenous | Pizza | Grub | Atlantic City | NJ

Hey, ya gotta know the bandwidth on this website is getting blown away since we started covering the famous “Uncle Paul” Hauke of Tony Boloney’s Indigenous Pizza, Atlantic City.

With such an overwhelming response we want to let our readers know that “Uncle Paul” from Tony Boloney’s Indigenous Pizza and Grub , 300 Oriental Ave., Atlantic City, NJ has a series of interviews and pictures about the building of Tony Boloney’s Pizza from it’s inception in 2008.   Go to the web site Atlantic City Food Guide.

Ya gotta see how “Uncle Paul” from Tony Boloney’s Indigenous Pizza and Grub, Atlantic City, NJ set up the social media , and developed and orchestrated the branding for Tony Boloney’s.  “Uncle Paul” Hauke is the President of Iffpf Media LLC.

Oh ya, he’s the best.  Hey , they wanna call him “King Paul” of Atlantic City, NJ.  Ya gotta know he’s a modest guy , great family guy and he says “Uncle Paul” the Pizza guy from Tony Boloney’s is just fine.


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Tony Boloney’s | Pizzeria | Cheese Steak Ole | Kelly and Michael

Oh ya, great news.  “Uncle Paul” Hauke from Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria fame in Atlantic City,NJ gave his nephew his cheese steak recipe and his nephew Mike Hauke named it the Cheese Steak Ole and won, not only the Guy Fieri Cheese Steak Battle , but also the Kelly and Michael show , Channel 7 NBC  “Food Truck Cook Off”.

The good news for you is that Mike Hauke ,the nephew of “Uncle Paul” from Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria, made the recipe public on the Kelly and Michael show on Channel 7 NBC.

So now you can make the Cheese Steak Ole at home.  Just follow this link, “Uncle Paul” Tony Boloney’s Cheese Steak Ole recipe.

Oh ya, thanks “Uncle Paul” for such great food.  In our book you are the king of Atlantic City.

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Tony Boloney’s | Pizzeria | Atlantic City | NJ

Ok, ya gotta know that “Uncle Paul” Hauke, the original Tony Boloney’s Pizza guy, has a web series documenting the Tony Boloney’s Pizza Restaurant development.  “Uncle Paul” did the branding for Tony Boloney’s and supervised the construction from start to finish.  What a big heart “Uncle Paul” has, as he did it all gratis for his brother and nephew.

He’s a great, if not the greatest,  asset for the promotion of Atlantic City , NJ.  He’s  the President of Iffpf Media, a leading branding company and internet marketing company.

Hey , check out the continuing series about the founding and development of Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria, Oriental Ave., Atlantic City , NJ

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Kelly and Michael | Food Truck Cook Off | NY | Channel 7 | Mustache Mobile | Winner

Watch ya know,  The Kelly and Michael Food Truck Competition won by the Mustache Mobile and Mike Hauke and Tony Boloney’s with special thanks to “Uncle Paul” Hauke.

So ya gotta know and read the “Uncle Paul” Hauke interview below.

Pauly D Jersey Shore: So, “Uncle Paul”, whats ya connection to the Mustache Mobile?

“Uncle Paul” Hauke: I’m connected to the Mustache Mobile through Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria, Oriental Ave., Atlantic City, NJ

Pauly D Jersey Shore: OK, got it. So how ya connected to the Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria?

“Uncle Paul” Hauke: In 2008 I co founded Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria. I designed the Pizzeria and supervised it’s construction.  I did it all for free for my nephew. Prior to that it was a dilapidated and vacant building.

Paul D Jersey Shore: Is that your business?

“Uncle Paul” Hauke: My business is marketing.  However, I have always had an interest in the building trades.  I set up all the marketing for free also, with a major emphasis on branding the Tony Boloney’s name and menu items.  I am the President of Iffpf Media LLC

Paul D Jersey Shore: Oh ya, I know Iffpf Media LLC.  Didn’t you get wiped out in the storm Sandy on the Jersey Shore?

“Uncle Paul” Hauke: Yes , we did.  We lost all of our computers, office equipment, furnishings, etc.  However, we did back up all important information.  The company has been put back together and we are embarking on a nationwide marketing campaign for our services, special events,  and special marketing programs.

Paul D Jersey Shore: Are you still involved in the Tony Boloney’s Restaurant?

“Uncle Paul” Hauke: I have taught Michael Hauke a phenomenal amount about marketing, branding,  and in particular internet marketing.  He has done a good job with the marketing and branding and the Mustache Mobile is solely his idea.

Paul D Jersey Shore: We have heard that the recipe for the “Cheese Steak Ole” is yours, is that true?

“Uncle Paul” Hauke: It’s one of many recipes that I had and gave to Michael Hauke for Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria.  Michael Hauke named it the “Cheese Steak Ole” and it is very popular.

Paul D Jersey Shore: The “Cheese Steak Ole” has won some competitions and lost some competitions, yes?

“Uncle Paul ” Hauke: When I was in the restaurant business I did not have a unique name for the cheese steak.  When we were discussing the branding of the Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria and the items on the menu, we came up with the name “Cheese Steak Ole.” It did win the Guy Fieri Food Channel competition in Atlantic City , NJ one year and lost one year.  White House Subs in Atlantic City beat it in a recent competition.  But, the “Cheese Steak Ole” just won the Kelly and Michael show “Food Truck Competition.”

Paul D Jersey Shore: OK ya know that’s a big feather in your hat, right?

“Uncle Paul” Hauke: Yes I’m very proud of my cheese steak recipe.  I’ve got to say I give Michael Hauke a lot of credit for marketing it as well as he has.  I take greater pride that I was able to lend my expertise and contribute to the success of Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria , the Mustache Mobile , Michael Hauke, the “Cheese Steak Ole” and Atlantic City.

Paul D Jersey Shore: Do you feel positive vibes for Atlantic City, NJ.

“Uncle Paul” Hauke: I feel very positive for Atlantic City, NJ and see a lot of great things happening.  There is a lot of competition in and out of Atlantic City, NJ , but I feel Atlantic City, NJ truly has the best on the East Coast.

Paul D Jersey Shore: Do you visit Atlantic City often?

“Uncle Paul” Hauke: Yes, myself and friends visit Atlantic City often.

Paul D Jersey Shore: OK , so when ya gonna hook up with me?

“Uncle Paul ” Hauke: Whenever you’re ready.

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Cheese Steaks | Tony Boloney’s | White House Sub Shop | Atlantic City

Hey what da ya know.  White House Sub Shop Cheese Steak slaughters Tony Boloney’s Cheese Steak.  Ya know Tony Boloney’s is old hat.  Yeah , they won the Cheese Steak battle in 2010 , but lost in 2011.  Ya know they had no competition in 2012 and now in 2013 White House Sub Shop blows them away.  Hey , yeah this Cheese Steak contest is for 2013 and all of Atlantic County, Oh yeah not just Atlantic City.   Second place in Atlantic County was Latina Deli in Pleasantville, NJ.

Yeah, ya know I have eaten both the Tony Boloney Cheese Steak and the White House Sub Cheese Steak , and yeah I really like the White House Sub Cheese Steak.  No wonder they won. Ha,Ha.

Hey if you don’t believe me check it out yourself by clicking here.

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Pauly D | Jersey Shore | Seaside Heights | NJ | Boardwalk

Hey, yeah check out my Seaside Heights NJ Boardwalk Pics…


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