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Hey, ya gotta know the bandwidth on this website is getting blown away since we started covering the famous “Uncle Paul” Hauke of Tony Boloney’s Indigenous Pizza, Atlantic City.

With such an overwhelming response we want to let our readers know that “Uncle Paul” from Tony Boloney’s Indigenous Pizza and Grub , 300 Oriental Ave., Atlantic City, NJ has a series of interviews and pictures about the building of Tony Boloney’s Pizza from it’s inception in 2008.   Go to the web site Atlantic City Food Guide.

Ya gotta see how “Uncle Paul” from Tony Boloney’s Indigenous Pizza and Grub, Atlantic City, NJ set up the social media , and developed and orchestrated the branding for Tony Boloney’s.  “Uncle Paul” Hauke is the President of Iffpf Media LLC.

Oh ya, he’s the best.  Hey , they wanna call him “King Paul” of Atlantic City, NJ.  Ya gotta know he’s a modest guy , great family guy and he says “Uncle Paul” the Pizza guy from Tony Boloney’s is just fine.


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